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I'm Stephanie, the owner & I'm a big fan of comics, manga & books.

My shop is in the south of France, in Nîmes & I send worldwide.

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  • 20,00 € In Stock

    A litho by Simone Bianchi, the world famous illustrator from Lucca whose work is present on the pages of the top publishers as Marvel and DC Comics. This litho is printed on Italian Fedrigoni paper in only 400 copies signed and numbered. 43 x 31 cm

    20,00 €
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  • 36,00 € In Stock

    From the origins of the legendary Dragon Ball anime and manga franchise comes the newest addition to Banpresto's figure line! In addition to simply looking amazing, this figure also features an incredible color changing effect! At room temperature, Bulma dawns her original suit, but as things heat up, watch her suit magically transform into RED!

    36,00 €
    In Stock
  • 32,00 € In Stock

    Adding to the super adorable and eye-catching Q Posket figure line of Disney Characters, Banpresto proudly presents Dreamy Style Belle! Normal color A. This collection includes some of the most popular Disney characters! Each figure stands about 5.50 inches tall and makes wonderful additions to collections for fans both new and old.

    32,00 €
    In Stock
  • 38,00 € In Stock

    In the past, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have typically been depicted as a slapstick-y buddy duo who provided the Justice League with a much-needed infusion of comedy whenever Batman broody darkness got to be too much. 3 3/4" tall

    38,00 €
    Online only
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  • 5,00 € In Stock

    French text

    5,00 €
    In Stock
  • 80,00 € Out of stock

    TAMASHII WEB EXCLUSIVE From Sailor Moon Crystal comes Sailor Pluto! She features a Garnet Rod as long as she is tall! The 200mm figure features a sailor suit finished in metallic colors for a gorgeous appearance. Her hair and the stand both use translucent parts.

    80,00 €
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  • 36,00 € Out of stock

    Banpresto's new Dragon Ball Z inspired Blood of Saiyans figure collection. Among all Saiyan villains, none were as fearsome or as heartless as Majin Vegeta. Having been “awakened” to the evil within, Vegeta reigned terror on Earth with his quest to overpower is ultimate rival, Goku.

    36,00 €
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  • 3,00 € In Stock

    White pick from Guitar Hero Live.

    3,00 €
    In Stock
  • 90,00 € Out of stock

    TAMASHII WEB EXCLUSIVE The super-popular Dragon Ball character Gogeta joins Figuarts Zero!  It's designed to be displayed alongside Vegetto (sold separately) to re-create dynamic battle scenes from the series! Highly posable and includes effect parts, plus new diorama parts to differentiate it from competing products.

    90,00 €
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  • 200,00 € In Stock

    French text. B&W collector edition limited to 100 copies worldwide, signed by Mike Deodato with Certificat of Authenticity, EXTREMELY RARE !!

    200,00 €
    Online only
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  • 95,00 € In Stock
  • 40,00 € In Stock

    The Porco Rosso Pullback Toy Savoia S.21F will provide endless fun for fans of the classic Studio Ghibli anime character. Just pull the Flying Boat back to set him going!

    40,00 €
    In Stock

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