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My shop is in the south of France, in Nîmes & I send worldwide.

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    A Diamond Select Release! All hail the queen of the Inhumans! Once a member of the Frightful Four. Now monarch of the Inhuman race. Medusa is the latest PVC diorama to join the Marvel Gallery line. Wearing one of her most recent costumes, she hovers above the ground, suspended by her own prehensile hair!

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    French text. Very rare variant cover by Alex Ross, limited to 400 copies, edited for the french convention "Angoulême 2016".

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  • 35,00 € Out of stock

    From the popular anime My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugo is the third hero to enter the Amazing Heroes line from Banpresto. Standing over 6 inches tall, Katsuki Bakugo is sculpted in an attack pose.

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  • 36,00 € In Stock

    When you're Genos you don't always need to rush head-on against the bad guys. As is the case with this cooler than cool Banpresto figure of Genos from their DXF line. With a quick flick of his hand, Genos shows off his cyborg parts as he takes a confident stride.

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    Neon Genesis Evangelion PVC statue of Asuka Christmas version, 25 cm.

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  • 110,00 € In Stock

    Scorpio Milo is making a come-back in a stunning Original Color Edition!! The OCE version comes with a special PET background sheet and stand for recreating Athena Exclamation. With his “normal” facial expression, alternate faces are included: shouting, closed eyes and the distinctive leftwards glare for the Athena Exclamation. Further included are...

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  • 38,00 € In Stock

    In the past, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have typically been depicted as a slapstick-y buddy duo who provided the Justice League with a much-needed infusion of comedy whenever Batman broody darkness got to be too much. 3 3/4" tall

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  • 290,00 € Out of stock

    Peter Parker's first true love is the gorgeous and brainy bombshell, Gwen Stacy. Sideshow is proud to share this one-of-a-kind design from renowned artist J. Scott Campbell. Capturing the vibrant heroine on an afternoon stroll through the rain, her knowing smile and carefree stride suggest that a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is watching over her...

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  • 90,00 € Out of stock

    TAMASHII WEB EXCLUSIVE The super-popular Dragon Ball character Vegetto joins Figuarts Zero! Highly posable and includes effect parts, plus new diorama parts to differentiate it from competing products.  It's designed to be displayed alongside Gogeta (sold separately, coming out soon) to re-create dynamic battle scenes from the series!

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  • 34,00 € In Stock

    French text. Contains: Kanan (2015) 1-12

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  • 120,00 € In Stock

    Introducing the new Dragon Ball Carddass - 30th Anniversary Best Selection Set! This pack contains 32 PRISM cards with carefully selected illustrations from the entire Dragon Ball Carddass series. In addition, if you have a mini card dispenser, there is a set of 5 presentation sheets to affix to your machine with decorative stickers.

    120,00 €
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