Albator / Harlock

Albator / Harlock

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Hasegawa brings us a beautifully realized 1/1500-scale kit of the Arcadia from 1978's "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" TV series! This is the 2nd design of the Arcadia, and among the many features of this kit are the fact that the main gun turrets rotate vertically and independently, extra parts are provided to reproduce the ferocious bow ram, and two in-scale Cosmo Wing aircraft are also included.

Price €64.90


HL Pro. created this statue as an icon of the Captain Harlock series, Harlock in his spaceship The Arcadia, on his chair, from where he gives orders, where he is relaxing or thinking his next move with a glass of wine in his hand.

This is Captain Harlock figure has been created with such stunning details, sculpting and rendering of the original colors of the anime series.

Price €120.00